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First, we need a little information about you.  Please type your name exactly as it appears on your insurance card.  We NEVER share your contact information with anyone not related to this transaction--we value your privacy as much as you do!

Your Name: * Please type your name exactly as it appears on your insurance card.
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We will contact your physician on your behalf to verify the product you are requesting is appropriate for you.

Doctor's Name: * Please provide the name of your physician so that we can contact him or her to request a prescription for your product request.
Doctor's Phone #: * Please provide the phone number for your doctor's office so we may contact him or her as needed to help us fulfill your request.


Please provide your primary insurance details.  If you would prefer not to provide this information via this web form, simply select your primary insurance type, the leave this section blank and we will call you to request the information.

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Insurance Company: Please enter the name of your private insurance company, if not Medicare or Medicaid
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If you have secondary or supplemental insurance, please provide the details here--otherwise you can leave this section blank.

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I authorize CarePoint Medical to contact me, my doctor, as well as Medicare, Medicare supplement, Medicaid or other insurance(s) for release of medical and other information in order to obtain products requested.  By typing my name in the following field, I am providing my electronic signature to authorize CarePoint Medical to submit a claim on my behalf and that assignment of Medicare, Medicare supplement, Medicaid or other other insurance benefits for items obtained from CarePoint Medical be paid directly to CarePoint Medical.

Electronic Signature (Type Your Name): * By typing your name in this box, you are electronically signing the above agreement, submitting this form, and you are certifying that you are the person named at the top of this form.
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Other Products That May Benefit You

I am willing to allow CarePoint Medical to call me regarding future medical products and services that may be of benefit to me:
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